Quickly & Competently Confirming Your Opportunity Is Real & Not A Scam.

Standardized Compliance & Fraud Checks to Protect You & Satisfy Regulators.  Deep Dive Real Estate Due Diligence For High Value Deals.  Investigations To Resolve Real Estate Disputes & Distress.


Turnkey Diligence’s real estate due diligence process confirms legitimate opportunities and our independent and trustworthy reports can reduce regulatory and compliance hurdles to dealmaking.  Conversely the same work identifies fraud and corruption risks that can doom deals or cause problems with regulators. 


We are specialized diligence professionals and investigators that have completed over 15,000 cases since 2001.  Sophisticated real estate investors hire our team to develop the intelligence they need to make smart decisions.  Our clients have included corporate real estate (CRE) and compliance departments, institutional and real estate fund investment teams, specialized investors (such as in energy, minerals mining, hotels and casinos), individuals and family offices.

Turnkey Diligence helps companies satisfy FinCEN, FCPA, and other regulatory requirements.  Our goal is to help protect against the loss of capital to fraud, or the loss of a firm's reputation - either from a failed deal or a compliance violation.  Turnkey Diligence has been involved in hundreds of high value transactions around the world.  Outside of North America, we have a large team focused on Asia, Russia and other challenging markets.  Our Distress & Disputes practice uses forensic and investigation tools as well as other crisis management techniques to solve more complex problems.




Standard Compliance & Fraud Check
Real Estate Due Diligence

Turnkey Diligence delivers an Independent Certification of Completion of A Compliance & Fraud Risk Review after each Standard Compliance & Fraud Check.

Each project focuses on: (i.) Compliance Checks - where we look for corruption or compliance problems with the other people involved in the deal; and (ii.) Fraud Checks - where we look for signs that you are being scammed.  This is a basic level check designed to satisfy FinCEN, FCPA, and other regulatory requirements,  These checks are also used for fraud risk analysis, especially on cash deals. 

Compliance Checks include database and records research to identify indicators of money laundering that could get you into legal trouble, including the hidden interests of sanctioned foreigners.  Fraud Checks include unannounced site visits to the property and government offices looking for information that a standard appraisal or document review may overlook.  Final reports include an executive summary and a risk score, detailed results of the diligence activities, and brief recommendations.

Deep Dive Real Estate Due Diligence

Turnkey Diligence delivers a Comprehensive Report detailing the backgrounds and activities of key counterparties and provides an enhanced assessment of compliance and operational risks.


This work is designed to prevent costly fines and fraud losses when the stake are high.  Deal size for Deep Dive Due Diligence tends to be more substantial, with either some known or suspected foreign funding sources and an expected long-term relationship with deal counterparties.

Distress & Disputes

Our team provides full service special situations crisis management and litigation support.  Our fraud investigations team includes Certified Fraud Examiners, retired law enforcement officers, forensic accountants, computer forensics specialists, documents preservation specialists, crisis communications, and crisis negotiations experts, as well as physical and technical security specialists.


Project Examples



A case in Vancouver found a foreigner had previously stolen money from a State Owned Enterprise.  He was attempting to hide in Canada.


A mall manager was under investigation for corruption.  His actions threatened bad PR for years to come.  We determined that police raids on management's offices were forthcoming.


Gangsters refused to vacate properties owned by a global bank, complicating a portfolio workout.


A con artist in New England presented fake deeds and falsified environmental approvals.  The victim was a sophisticated Wall Street investor.  We investigated the fraud and supported a lawsuit.


Our client wanted to invest in a foreign mine.  They were being sold a second rate claim.  We found that the mine's manager was a former government official who also owned the better site nearby.


High net worth foreign families were being duped into investing in a U.S. development.  They were promised investment visas.  We found fraud.  The project was doomed.


James Tunkey

Is based in New York, working with clients across the United States and Canada.  James is a Certified Fraud Examiner with an MBA issued jointly by NYU Stern, the London School of Economics, and HEC Paris. His MBA studies included financial statement analysis.  James holds certificates in Advanced Law Enforcement Interviewing Techniques and Corruption Control & Organizational Integrity from Hong Kong University and Harvard's JFK School of Government, respectively.

James has 23 years' of real estate due diligence and fraud investigations experience at an elite international level.  This includes chasing recovery of ill-gotten gains.  Successful results from his investigations were reported in a major magazine cover story as early as 1997.  

James works with a deep bench of American professionals with forensic, US records research, and law enforcement backgrounds.

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Has conducted nearly 15,000 investigations and due diligence assignments since 2001.  The company employs over 35 full time employees with real estate due diligence experience.  


Turnkey Diligence is a distinct global service offering of I-OnAsia, reflecting the company's global operations beyond Asia and significant experience working on real estate due diligence globally.

Outside of New York, I-OnAsia operates a second North American office in British Columbia, Canada.

I-OnAsia is a prime vendor of FinCEN and FCPA compliance checks to the world's largest companies.  These clients chose I-OnAsia because of our ability to deliver consistent real estate due diligence and corporate due diligence services globally and regardless of jurisdiction, cost effectively and to a high professional standard.

I-OnAsia is the number one pre-transaction due diligence vendor to companies listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, one of the world's largest.


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