Deep Dive Real Estate Due Diligence

Make Smart Decisions

Turnkey Diligence delivers a Comprehensive Report after each Deep Dive Real Estate Due Diligence project that details the backgrounds and activities of key counterparties, and provides an enhanced assessment of compliance and operational risks. 


Our work is designed to prevent costly fines and fraud losses when the stakes are high.  Turnkey Diligence research can also confirm opportunities others may be too skittish to pursue.


Deal size for Deep Dive Real Estate Due Diligence tends to be more substantial, with either some known or suspected foreign funding sources and an expected long-term relationship with deal counterparties, where a Standard Compliance & Fraud Check would be insufficient.  Deep Dive Real Estate Due Diligence is tailored to fit specific deal challenges.  

​Our Turnkey Diligence team is composed of international anti-corruption investigators and Certified Fraud Examiners.  We have completed over 15,000 assignments since 2001, working on behalf of insurers and real estate investment funds, the world's largest and most prestigious hotel and resort owners, wealthy families and major multinationals.

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