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Turnkey Diligence delivers an Independent Certificate of Completion of A Compliance & Fraud Risk Review after each Standard Compliance & Fraud Check Real Estate Due Diligence project. 

We quickly and competently confirming your opportunities are real and not scams. 

Our Turnkey Diligence team is composed of international anti-corruption investigators and Certified Fraud Examiners.  We have completed over 15,000 assignments since 2001.  Our work protects you from costly fines and fraud losses. Express service is available when time is short.  


Each Standard Compliance & Fraud Check Real Estate Due Diligence project focuses on: (i.) Compliance Checks - where we look for corruption or compliance problems with the other people involved in the deal; and (ii.) Fraud Checks - where we look for signs that you are being scammed.

Compliance Checks include database and records research to identify indicators of money laundering that could get you in legal trouble, including the hidden interests of sanctioned foreigners.   Fraud Checks include unannounced site visits to the property and government offices looking for information that a standard appraisal or document review may overlook.  Final reports include an executive summary and a risk score, detailed results of the diligence activities, and brief recommendations.

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